When getting dressed, I like to pick one standout piece in my outfit and make that my focal point. Then I get dressed around it to make sure the look flows and the rest of what I am wearing doesn’t compete with it but rather compliment and highlight it.  In this look below, the macrame fringe necklace was my stand out and the remainder my backdrop.  I chose a long line white muscle shirt, ripped black jeans and velvet, block heel booties. The textured booties help to give some depth to the look. Choosing a small frame, all black shade doesn’t compete or pull your focus from my chest. Pop on a cuff with metal accent and you’re good to go. I also added this amazing royal blue overcoat to dial-up the energy in this otherwise neutral color story.

Alisa Frederico-075

STYLING TIP- When adding the remainder of any accessories, look to complement and not compete. If you have something long or chunky on your neck, stick to a post in your ear. Too many accessories everywhere starts to look junky and well, just confusing.


Alisa Frederico-076