Some people have asked me what the difference is in my job function when it comes to shows or editorial work because  I say different things.  Maybe,”styled” other times “styled and produced” and yet I might just be an MC too. The top line difference comes right down to the behind the scenes work. If I have “styled” a show or a shoot- I have done all the creative work and put together the outfits you’re seeing. If I have “styled and produced”  I have not only styled all the looks, I have also done all the production pieces like hire models, the event timing, music etc etc. And if I am just an MC, I am usually doing commentary for a show that has already been pulled.

On Thursday, October 17th I had the honor of producing and styling the 50th Anniversary, Ladies fashion show at the prestigious Union League of Philadelphia (                                                                                                           A show like this has such a wide range of ladies in the audience that I felt it was important for the looks shown to engage everyone. Am I putting together a show that are all looks I would personally be wearing? Not so much. But the job is to show tasteful, stylish options your audience will relate to. I am not a designer in a function like this so it’s not my “platform” if you will. But, this is an opportunity to connect the audience and produce something within my brand that they will love.. Fashion isn’t all about “fast fashion”. Classic dressing is something that will never go out of style. The women of the UL embody just this. They are powerful, classic, sophisticated women who are also fashionable.  It was my pleasure to work on this show for them. The end of the show was designated to evening wear as their big “Fall Ball” is on the horizon. I pulled looks from Bloomingdale’s so I could capture lots of different brands and donned the models with baubles by Jeff Kellmer Private Jeweler. (

I am happy to report back that 450 fabulous ladies clapped and hollered as the models came down the catwalk for their final lap. #success !!  The feedback has been astounding and nothing feels better than that.  xxAF

 Take a look at a couple behind the scenes and show day pics.

All begins with the prep- being overly organized is key for me. I merchandise and pack everything by model after their fits. Yep, and then that’s me lugging it myself out of Bloomies and down 76 into the city. 


At fits I take pictures of each look on model. I then go back and organize the show sequence. I also choose to make a visual board so that my assistant or anyone working in the back room is clear on the flow of the show. I am at the stage so I need to make sure the girls come out correct. This is a wonderful tool to ensure that happens. And thats Laurem, my amazing assistant. Truthfully, if you don’t have someone who can help you manage behind the scenes to your liking- you’re toast. Pull the curtain because it’s a wrap!

img_0345 img_0361

Opening looks of the show with these beauties! Hiring the right models is also clutch. They were the perfect look to engage the total audience! I showed 34 looks in 17 minutes to 5 songs. These girls were HUSTLERS getting changed and back on stage.

Enjoy some additional pictures from the show.