On Saturday, November 10th,  200 guests joined me to preview the #mixmaster show at Bloomingdales, Willow Grove.

First, it’s always an absolute honor for me to partner with Bloomingdales, as they are one of the most iconic fashion retailers I can think of.  With an expansive retail history that dates all the way back to the 19th Century,  2018 marks the 36th year in business for the Willow Grove location. This speaks volumes about Bloomingdales as a fashion destination. In this ever-changing retail climate, staying in business nowadays for 5 years is an accomplishment, 36 means you are a staple!

One of the things I love about Bloomingdales is there is truly something for everyone. No matter what your style is, they have you covered. That being said- when I do a show for Bloomies, I like to make sure there is something shown for everyone. Taking into consideration who is going to be in attendance is an important element when producing a show. Engaging with everyone in the crowd is something that is personally important to me. Since Bloomingdales has so many options style and brand wise, I like to include a little sprinkle of everything but shown with my twist. Even if the customer may not style it exactly as I did- I got her attention and potentially inspired her to give it a try.

Another key component to what makes Bloomingdales a step ahead is their private label brands and 100%Bloomies collaborations with designers. With an overly saturated fashion market and customers who are so incredibly savvy, having exclusive product is so clutch. You can’t get this product anywhere else. Now while I totally sound like I drank the Bloomies kool-aid, I tell you with great confidence that this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s truly my recap! But note to Rebecca G, we should def be serving some Bloomies Kool-Aid next show. Wink, wink.

Opening the show, I mentioned that everyone was probably wondering what does #mixmaster actually mean? What are you going to see today? I swear the term #mixmaster was subliminally coined for me as it has truly always been my personal philosophy on dressing. Styling pieces in an unconventional way and never being defined by a price tag.


In brief,  trend-wise the show was about mixing patterns and prints. About pairing a stripe with a floral, wearing one leopard print mixed with another and so on. As I was explaining this, I could see some of the more mature ladies raising an eyebrow at me like “What you talkin ’bout Willis?” But I assured them that even though it might have felt wild to them I wanted to push them out of their comfort zone. Showing also how to mix textures or even patterns within tights, shoes or accessories was another more subtle option to styling this trend. It’s truly about experimenting and having fun. #mixmaster is also about wearing silhouettes that you wouldn’t normally think to pair together. Like a moto jacket and a formal dress, or a wool sweater and a ball gown skirt. But more than just mixing your prints, patterns and shapes- to me personally, it is also about a term I coined long ago called, “The Art of Hi-Lo Dressing”. This is mixing contemporary with the designer, mixing your brands and all of your price points. Showing you how to wear a $300 blazer with a $79 dress. Now that is a true #mixmaster! So for now, enjoy some snapshots of what was shown and I hope to see you at the next show!